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My sweetpeas look as if they are dying from the bottom up. The roots look like wood and the leaves are beginning to mottle but it doesn't look like mildew. They have hardly flowered (I've only cut approx 8 flowers), probably because of all the rain we have had, but I thought they liked lots of water? Can anyone suggest what is wrong?



I Water in the morning round the base and not on the leaves. sounds like a mildew/fungus perhaps from the wet weather we have had?
The other thing that comes to mind re lack of flowers could you have over fed them?

25 Jul, 2012


I thought the same as you last week, but a few days sun and suddenly I'm picking sweet peas.

25 Jul, 2012


8 is good. I've only had 4 so far!

25 Jul, 2012

That gives a list of most sweet pea diseases. Check the growing point...if that looks stunted then it's a virus.
Mottled leaves can also be a sign of aphids.
Never known overfeeding to cause lack of flowers though.

It has generally been a bad year for sweet peas for a number of reasons, mainly bud drop in my case.
At the national show last Saturday at Wem, entries were well down. I managed to cut 28 stems from 130 plants.
However, as has been said, this sunshine has worked wonders so persevere. Yesterday, I cut over 100 stems, all far better than what I entered at the show.

26 Jul, 2012


If you do feed, high potash such as a tomato feed is better, as nitrogen feeds encourage too much top growth and few flowers.

26 Jul, 2012


Never used it myself but in order to keep the length of stem going, a top dressing of dried blood is recommended about a month after they start flowering....which is pure Nitrogen. May give it a go next year just to see what happens, just before I layer them.
Chempak no8....low nitrogen, high potassium is one I have used.

26 Jul, 2012


Thanks everyone, lots of helpful advise and information here! :)

28 Jul, 2012

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