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When do I plant out perennial seedlings?


By Elke

Nova Scotia, Canada Ca

My perennial seedlings (white iris and Lynchnis coronaria (campion)) are doing well. I planted them in April. Should I plant them out in the garden or keep them in their seedling pots until next year? We have harsh winters here in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Thanks for the speedy replies, Bamboo and Volunteer. I collected these seeds myself last year from established plants. Just wasn't sure what one does with perennial seedlings. I'll plant some and keep some going, then, and I'll know for next time which is more successful here.

Thanks Janey. In that case, I will probably plant them out in late summer - September-ish, and let them acclimatize before the winter sets in.




After a bit of research, it seems that Iris is hardy in Zone 3 (which I'm sure you must be) and Lychnis coronaria tolerates temperatures down to -13 degrees F. Hope that helps

8 Jun, 2009


Why not hedge your bets and plant some out but save some for next spring, just in case. However, planting them now means that they can get established before winter.

8 Jun, 2009


Like you, I collected seeds from the Rose Campion and grew them last year, planting them out in Autumn, they are just beginning to flower now. Of course our Winters are'nt as severe as yours Elke, but it was exceptionally cold this last one.

8 Jun, 2009

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