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Who's this?

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Does anyone know who this is?




Scientific term is ABB.... adorable, bumpy bug

3 May, 2008


Could it be a young ladybird?

4 May, 2008


it looks like a rice crispie he! he!

4 May, 2008


Do you have the latest eco mistake? someone imported the oriental species of ladybug (ladybird for the Brits) they have a wider variety of colours and markings...larger than our native species. They tend to mass in autumn and can become infestations in buildings. They have a distinctive smell en masse.

4 May, 2008


I have seen on TV the 'Harlequin' lady bird. Not sure if this is one of them?

4 May, 2008 has pictures of Harlequin ladybird. If this is what you have, you are encouraged to report it. May look adorable, but not a good thing

4 May, 2008


Who do you report it to?

4 May, 2008


Never mind last question. I have done some googling and found out that it is in fact a native Lady bird called 'Halyzia 16-guttata'. I now know that Harlequins are Orange with black spots, can be red with black spots and larger than our native ones or black with orange spots or black with red spots, spots range from 0-21. They are 7-8 mm long and round.

Good site to visit and you can contact them if you see or find one. Lots of info on their site explaining with maps where they have been spotted over the last few years.

4 May, 2008

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