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hi can anyone suggest the best time to buy and sow wildflowers..we only have a small patch to do it on, we just want to include it in our garden to attract ask many butterflys,bees etc..they love the clover we have left amongst our lawn.thank u.



I buy wild flower seed, if I need to resow our insects patch, anytime after the new year and sow them at the beginning of April round here.

26 Jul, 2012


thank u for ur reply will do that.

26 Jul, 2012


Most wild flowers only flourish on very poor soil (low in nutrients), so if your lawn is well fed and fertile it is difficult to succeed. What the French do here, where there are lots of wild flower meadows around various chateaux, is to spray (glyphosate) the area in September or October and then sow the wildflower mix on the lightly worked area in late October or November. Judging from the results we have seen this works very well.
Otherwise, if you don't want to kill off an area of grass completely, the only way is to transplant 'plugs' of wildflowers which have been cultivated in small pots into the existing grass or cultivated area.

26 Jul, 2012


Ah, but Bertie, Anjou is practically in Provence, not like us poor dirt farmers in the frozen north. Lol. Good tip though if ever I want to pretend I am abroad. :o))

26 Jul, 2012


Try The National Wildflower Centre, at Alderhey, Liverpool - they are very helpful.
I found ordinary garden soil was too rich, mine grew as large as card tables - had to give up the idea !

26 Jul, 2012

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