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By Jpike

Derbyshire, United Kingdom Gb

You have helped me with one problem,I wonderd if you could help with another.This one is Ivy,There is a building next to my garden which no one wants to be responsible for,it is now totally covered in Ivy and it is now coming into my garden.I keep cutting it but it is taking over.Is there a poison that will kill it.Thanks Jean



If you can pay a discrete visit to the base of the ivy. The quickest way Is a cut through the main stems. Poisoning a plant on land you do not own is bit more risky. The sprays are very slow to act on ivy and the leaves go brown near your boundary and if it is large it will not finish it off. Does anyone live there. If no one is resident the quickest way is to saw through the main stems.

26 Jul, 2012


Because the leaves are glossy they will shed most of the weed killer so your best choice is what Dorjac suggests. Maybe you could add a bit of stump killer at they same time. Just in case there are any legal implications I'm not cutsandgrazes but I'm using the site. Tee hee

27 Jul, 2012


The building is a electricity sub station,I reported it first to the local council,they informed the Service provider,and thay said it may be a while before they could look at it.That was 18 months ago.I can notget tto the roots, as the path is totally blocked by other old trees,left by other neighbours living nearby
complete nightmare.

28 Jul, 2012


Maybe you should be pointing out to an ombudsman or service regulator that wood and rubbish left near a substation is a fire risk. Perhaps the local fire brigade might take some interest, if this if it is considered a fire risk.

28 Jul, 2012

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