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Rambling Rose - beautifully fragranced how do I take a cutting

Glasgow, United Kingdom Gb

Relative Newbie here. I was up at my mums tonight and she has the most fantastic rambling/climbing rose. It is at least 30 years old (it was in her house when she moved there). It smells like sweet sherbert and is coloured like a sweetie pink (almost light cerise). How can I grow this do it take a cutting? No photo sorry.



from what i know you can definetly take rose cuttings, however as far as im aware a lot of roses are on root stock or something so you might not get the same rose you want but im sure someone will let you know if thats true or not, heres a site that explains it quite easily, good luck with this and hope i helped though im new to this aswell

9 Jun, 2009


sounds good enough to eat

hope it goes well, i recently broke of a small part of my rosa sea foam was gutted but put it straight into some compost and when i checked yesterday it has new growth!

x x x

9 Jun, 2009


Ramblers are one of the easiest roses to take cuttings from. Wait until September when you have those lovely long branches of this years growth, ones that have not flowered. When you prune them back to tidy them up, cut them up into about 2ft lenths discarding the soft growth on the end. remove all the thorns off them , if you have a glove on you can push them off. Dip the base of your cuttings in hormone powder. Put a spade full depth into the soil where you want it to grow, open up the slit, put a handfull of sand into the slit in the soil, push in your cutting to the full depth of the spade cut, then press closed with your heel. If you have a no. in a nurse bed, Dont disturb them preferably for 2 years. If you plant the cuttings where you want the rose to stay, no need to move it.

9 Jun, 2009

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