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By Bunty57

North Humberside, United Kingdom Gb

I have a dwarf bramley apple tree. We moved last year and put it in a pot, where it thrived. We replanted it this year and it did very well flowered. The flowers didn't pollinate, I assumed due to the weather, but the leaves are now turning brown and dying. Has it got some problem or is this an early autumn.

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I'd like an answer to this as well Bunty. I have about 15 fruit trees (not dwarves) which in previous years have kept us well provided for in fruit for weeks or months. This year all my soft fruit bushes have done fine but the only trees I have any (diminished) fruit on are a Granny Smith's and a Cox's Orange Pippin and a peach tree. That means that 2 apples, 3 pears, 3 plum/gages, an apricot, 3 cherries (1 cooking) a quince, a medlar and possibly one or two I have forgotten, have all blossomed but not fruited properly or at all. The leaves have started to look like they have peach leaf curl (except the peach). I am primarily putting it down to the weather, my Granny Smith's had a year off last year when we had an awful winter before. Once we get winter here I shall spray the whole lot with fungicide and insecticide just in case but don't want to do that while the nice insects are around. Any ideas anyone?

27 Jul, 2012


Can I join in on this query please? I have 2 cherries and 1 plum I put in 4 years ago, all healthy and last year fruited brilliantly. This year some flowers but nary a single fruit! Everyone locally is saying the same (it's a big problem for commercial apple growers nearby) so presumably it's the weather (we've had a slightly-less-worse version of your English weather this spring/summer). HOWEVER, both cherry trees the leaves are browning and one has what I would have called 'peach leaf curl'. What to do, please?

27 Jul, 2012

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