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Need some advice on sweet peas please


By Jangue

Somerset, United Kingdom Gb

Mine have grown quite tall and have started to flower. What do I need to do to encourage more? I have read that they need to be regularly picked but at what point? It would seem a shame to do it now as they have only just started to flower and look very pretty. Also, do I need to keep pinching out any of the leaves or tendrils - will that do any good? thanks x



I pick mine just as they are opening, when the colour starts to show, keep picking for more flowers and pinch out the tips so they branch out to produce more flowers.I don't know about the tendrils i leave mine but i'm sure someone else will know more.

9 Jun, 2009


sewing.. is right the more you pick them the better they flower and look nice in the house to,, and that lovely smell, also i was told to pinch out tendrils that arent attached to encourage growth

9 Jun, 2009


so if you pick them just as they are opening does that mean you don't actually keep any flowers on the plant? Sorry I am probably being thick!!

9 Jun, 2009


The only reason they tell you to pick them frequently is because they turn to seed pods very rapidly. If you don't want to use them as cut flowers, just be rigorous about removing spent flower stems before they have a chance to create a seed pod.

9 Jun, 2009


dont pik them all janque just some,,

9 Jun, 2009


sorry i wasnt very clear, you don't have to pick any if you don't want to! Just make sure you take off the spent flowers before they turn to seed that way you get a lot more flowers!

9 Jun, 2009


I see-got it now! - thanks for all for your help

10 Jun, 2009

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