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A potential problem with my apple tree

down, United Kingdom Gb

I bought the tree a few months ago,since putting it in the garden it has grown about 8"-10" so it is established, recently i have noticed the leaves have started to wilt, i have been using phostrogen to feed it, small green pods have started to appear mainly two thirds up the tree, is this normal???




Trees will take much longer to establish than you think, i would continue to make sure it gets a really good watering at the roots during the summer. it should only need a general feed twice a year, in spring and perhaps at the end of summer, Im sure someone on GoY will no when and with what.When you say green bulbs appearing, where exactly? you may also need to prune those lower branches at some point if you want a tree shaped tree, that will depend on the variety

9 Jun, 2009


id say your over feeding and under watering maybe .trees and shrubs have to reach the water table which can be a long way down which would be there first job.the fact its grown that much so quick i think is a bit worrying though i mite be wrong.

9 Jun, 2009

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