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I am growing potatoes

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They have been in the growing for 3-4 months, the leaves have reached about 2.5ft. Should i cut them down a bit or will this harm the potatoes? The only info i have on them is that they are called earlies.



i think you have to let these leaves die off, farmers spray their crops with something to make them do this sooner

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9 Jun, 2009


The farmers spray the main crop if the crop is not quite ready to harvest and they can see blight attacking them which is picked up through the leaves. You should start harvesting your earlies as soon as the flower has gone over, but this year I notice in some places they are very slow flowering if at all! don't quite know the reason I would say the weather. So if in doubt, just part the soil and look to see what state of growth the potatoes are. Don't let your earlies spoil by leaving them too long. If you leave them until the leaves die off you will have forfited the lovely new potartoe.

9 Jun, 2009

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