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For the second time this year I have found what looks to be a chicken's egg buried in my garden. The first was in a very large pot that housed a datura, in my back garden. The second I found yesterday under a shrub on my front lawn. Both were under a couple of inches of soil. There are no chickens in the area, could Mr Fox be the culprit?



it is a possibility that the foxes would do this. have you actually cracked it ? is it an egg? or is it the developing mushroom of a fungus?
sorry to give so many questions back.
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9 Jun, 2009


As curious as I am as to how you found them if they were buried two inches deep, I think you may have a badger visiting your garden. A fox would have eaten the egg immediately, Another suspect could be hedgehog, but I'm inclined to think that hodge would have done the same as the fox. Keep watch; if it is a badger, he may well come back to retrieve the egg.

9 Jun, 2009


im inclined to agree with big myelf a hedge hog wouldnt be able to move a chicken egg anyway.if you find out im dying to know pheasants cover there eggs as they wouldnt let you see there chicks rather than a predetor .can you get a picture ? you can soon sort that out.were they warm to the touch or cold ?

9 Jun, 2009


maybe it is some sort of a wild bird there saying there is now parrots in this country laying in strange places, some wild birds do bury there egss

9 Jun, 2009

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