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Curly leaves on a peach tree.


By Katkins

United Kingdom Gb

I planted a peach tree in 2007 and last year it started getting curly leaves. We trimed the tree as it grew really well, but again this year the leaves are curling more. We have ove 10 peaches on the tree. Can someone help with how we can get rid of the curly leaves.



There is a condition called Peach leaf curl, don't know much about it and have lent my book to someone today. You could google it

9 Jun, 2009


HI. Katkins. Definitely sounds like Peach Leaf Curl. The following is from Collins Guide to Pests, Diseases and Disorders of Garden Plants.
Treatment. If possible, collect and burn affected leaves early in the season before the ascospore bloom develops. (That's a white or greyish coating on the leaves. [me].)
There is no advantage in destroying the leaves later in the season nor in spraying them with fungicide. Fungicidal sprays should, however, be directed towards eradicating the yeast-like colonies and their spores. One approach is to spray with Bordeaux mixture after autumn leaf fall and again as the buds swell in late February or early March, while the alternative is to spray in early February with Captan and then repeat this during bud swelling.
I know this seems a but much but read it a couple of times and it's quite simple. Both products are available through good horticultural suppliers.
Hope this helps.

9 Jun, 2009


thank you for that bigbumblebee i will try that )or should i say my husband will try it!). We have lots of fruit on there do you think it is ok to eat or shall i just throw them out? And where can i get the bordeaux mixture?

13 Jun, 2009

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