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i have grown some chilli plants when will they start to produce chillis



depending on when you planted them, most varieties are flowering now, its just dependent on them getting fertilized by insects to produce the fruit.

29 Jul, 2012


The really need the sun to get theflowers going, my sweet peppers are slow this year like the toms at least a month behind, the flowers are just starting to set in the heat we've just had, mine are always in a gh and wouldn't do anything outside

29 Jul, 2012


ive got three inside on kitchen window, like a greenhouse in there! they all doing well but got a peter pepper outside which has just started to flower, this time last year i had the fruits already, this weather is playing havoc with everything!

29 Jul, 2012


When the little white or purplish flowers come out, be sure to go around touching their faces with a Q-tip or paintbrush to pollinate them, unless bees can get at them.

31 Jul, 2012

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