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an impulse buy

East Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

saw this little yellow flower and mound of foliage. ideal spot corner of the grass/drive. will not get squashed when the car goes over the corner.
any one give me species please. it was unlabelled in the 'casulaty corner'. gc staff 'no idea' and 'dunno'




It could be one of the herbaceous potentillas?

9 Jun, 2009


You might consider Cinquefoil.

9 Jun, 2009


One of the herbaceous Potentillas as Andrew rightly says. There are a fair number of them in reds, oranges and yellows ranging in heights from a few feet to a few inches.

10 Jun, 2009


id thought potentilla. it is only 6" tall and the flowers are smaller than a 5p piece. so far surviving the car :o)

10 Jun, 2009

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