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foxglove seeds

Hereford, United Kingdom Gb

i took some foxglove seed pods after the flowers had dropped, what do i do now,do i leave them to dry before i open them and plant them, any help would be great as there the ones i mentioned from work, ive got enougher week there so if ive got the wrong part feel free to let me know which bit i should have



hi i sprinkle mine where i want them to grow they take two years to flower so i sprinkle and hope !
but really you could prepare a seed tray with compost and sprinkle them there water and wait !
whatever you do i hope its successful they are lovely love them

9 Jun, 2009


I collected My Foxglove Pods when they were Brown & sowed the Seeds in Sept into seed trays & then Pricked them out in to their own pots,Theyv given me lots of gorgeous Flowers this yr :) Dont know why Neellans took 2 yrs ? Good Luck how ever u sow them :)

10 Jun, 2009


If you pop them in a paper bag and leave somewhere to dry out, the pods should eventually open and drop seeds into the bag. Personally, I just shake the old heads over the ground wherever I want them to grow and then thin and move them if necessary in the autumn. You will find plenty come up and flower the next year and some more the year after (although they're a biennial it seems to really depend how much growth they manage to put on as to whether they flower the next year).
Also, remember, as they come from a seed not vegetative propagation, they may be a slightly different colour or pattern compared to the parent plant.

10 Jun, 2009


thank you for tips and advice,ill keep them in paper bag for now,ill use the shake one until the ones in my garden finish,do i just shake them when the flowers are gone or when the pods open, the pod is the bit under the flower,yes? also do lupins work like this also?

10 Jun, 2009


no lupins have apod like a minnie pea pod. the pod dries and then flings the seeds out. collect when the pod is dry and then sow in compost in the spring.
foxglove seed pods are behind the flower. it will also dry and it opens up at the top. the seed is very small and light [smaller than grains of salt].

10 Jun, 2009

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