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By Hank

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Dying cucumber plants
I had 3 healthy cu' plants in my greenhouse, as I do every year, 2 are 6ft tall and one was set later- about 4ft. This year, however, brown patches have been appearing on the leaves of the tall ones which have spread and the leaves are dying.
During the warm weather I've been spraying the leaves with rainwater. Only one is unaffected as yet. What did I do wrong ?



The brown patches could be scorching from the sun if you haven't put any shading on the glass or have you considered red spider mite - which shouldn't be if you have been spraying the plants.

29 Jul, 2012


Thanks, C, No signs of red spider mite, soI guess it's scorching then. I just hope I don't lose the plants.

29 Jul, 2012


I had three leaves scorched by the sun a few weeks ago and they are still hanging on in there and the rest of the plant is doing ok.

30 Jul, 2012


So there's hope yet. Thanks C.

30 Jul, 2012

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