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Why are my onion leafs curling and falling over?


By Fralex

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

I have onions planted in my vegetable garden and they have been growing well, but they are looking quite strange. The leaf is curling up, bending down and, on some, almost horizontal rather than vertical. They just don't look right! Are they diseased, or is there another problem? Any advice would be appreciated. I've looked on the internet and in various books and can't seem to find the reason!




could be either too wet , too dry or theres a grub that burries itself in the onion bulb, can you craefully pull one out and have a look?

x x x

10 Jun, 2009


Sorry for the delayed response - internet problems stopped me from accessing! Thanks for the response, I shall have a look and try to find out whether I have a grub in them.

14 Jun, 2009

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