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Please could someone identify this plant for me? When it first started growing I thought it was an ornamental rhubarb because of its large bottom leaves. It has now grown to over 6ft high and is covered in little furry balls. The first pic shows one of the large bottom leaves and the second shows the 'flowers'.

100_0442 100_0440



Cannot see it clearly, but it could be Burdock.

29 Jul, 2012


I don't think it is a Burdock, but thanks.

29 Jul, 2012


Fascinating, but no idea then. Looks like a small Crab apple.

29 Jul, 2012


are you sure they are from the same plant? burdock flowers do look a bit like this. any chance of a clearer photo?

31 Jul, 2012


My apologies, Owdboggy - it IS a burdock. I have now looked at more pictures of burdocks. When I moved to the house last autumn I saw the large leaves, close up against a fairly newly planted eating apple tree, assumed it was an ornamental rhubarb of some type and thought no more about it. There was a lot else to do, but when this year it grew to the astonishing height of over 6ft I wanted to identify it.
Should I now remove it or leave it where it is? Is it classed as a weed? Will it draw nourishment from the apple tree it is so close to?
Thanks, Ann

1 Aug, 2012


I removed mine as it was taking over the garden and the roots go a long way down. so the younger it is the better.

3 Aug, 2012

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