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Cactus question


By Wagger

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hope Hywel, Sandra, Trees&Things, Mikec & Drfadin or anybody else can identify this for me. I think the funny shape may be down to inconsistent watering by me in the past. Can I propagate it by taking one lump, chunk - whatever you call it - off. If I can, how long should I leave it to callous over before potting it?




Well, this looks a BIT like my cactus, Rebuta muscula. The flowers are identical, but not the shape - mine is neater lol. Also mine is soft - no sharp spines. I'll try to get a photo uploaded for you to see. I took cuttings from mine last year - they all took. Don't remember whether I let them callous over or not.... But they all flowered and I sold the lot at a carboot a week ago!!

10 Jun, 2009


Thanks for that Sid. I've looked at images of that and think you could be right. Crikey, mine has gone a funny shape, one reason I want to start it off again.

10 Jun, 2009


Hi Wagger - I'm still going to upload a picture just now ;-) I keep mine outdoors all summer - seems to suit it! It just gets stuck anywhere there's a space in the winter - this winter it was on a sideboard with a load of junk - hardly any light never mind sun, but still flowering its little heart out now lol Good luck with your cuttings.

11 Jun, 2009


I'll wait for cuttings until it's stopped flowering - buds on every 'chunk'. What do you call them?

11 Jun, 2009


Chunk sounds good lol Think I'd say 'offshoot' if I wanted to sound all clever cloggs like x-)

11 Jun, 2009

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