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Now thy my potatoes have finished what can i grow when i pick them Cheers Dave



Have you dug over your Potato Area again as there will be more Potatoes you may have missed. I sow Fodder Radish seed, either scattering and raking in when the soil is damp, or in 6" wide rows ditto this year as I left my Potato rows wider, had too much ground. Am going to sow it, as I dig the rows of Maincrop Potatoes. This grows quickly, keeps the ground covered and prevents more weed growth, which saves work. Then dig in late September for it to rot down during the winter months.
This will leave my plot winter dug while the ground is still dry, saves heavy digging in the winter.
Fodder Radish Seed is available from Branches of Cotswold Wool Growers £20 a kilo - it does keep 3 years in a dry cupboard in the house, or you could share with allotment friends. I used it for years.
Its very expensive from GCs.
I did use Mustard, but our Scientist Hon.Sec. says it contains poisons that inhibit the growth of plant life, so the Cotswold Wool Growers route was better for me.
He is very keen on Bird Seed from Wilkinsons as a Green Manure, says that is better than Mustard.

31 Jul, 2012


Hello again Dave, in Northamptonshire the ground cools down after 2nd week in September, so nothing will germinate. You need cloche protection for any plants.
If you are near the sea, its a good idea to fetch some seaweed off the beach.
Years ago I read about a man who gardened on an allotment field by the beach off Merseyside.
Every day he went with his wheelbarrow and fetched up a load of seaweed.
His daughter said his plot was 18" higher than everyone else's, he grew all his family vegetables, and all the years they were growing up they were never ill.
After that I used Calcified Seaweed !

31 Jul, 2012


thanks to all i have a lot to go on but in should be fun many thanks for the great ideas cheers Dave

31 Jul, 2012


I dug up a row of Potatoes today. Raked the soil level
with my 3 pronged cultivator. Then scattered Fodder Radish Seed gradually, working my way backwards over the area, raking it into the surface of the soil with the same rake. Job done ! (8 more rows to go)

31 Jul, 2012


i have not dug all my spuds up yet, Ive taken the foliage off but i have no were to store them

1 Aug, 2012


Spread them on the shed floor in the dark for a couple of days to dry off. Then check carefully to make sure all are sound. Remove any damaged ones and take to the kitchen to be used now. Transfer to cardboard boxes lined with newspaper, stand in a brick or frost proof shed, in a cellar, anywhere cool. I cover my boxes with old carpet to make sure. Maincrop varieties should keep until next April, check monthly.

2 Aug, 2012



2 Aug, 2012

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