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Can anyone recommend a climbing rose for a shady spot ? I think the fence that its going against is West facing with trees to the east so it hardly gets any sunlight maybe only an hour or two of dappled a day....thanks, Ian



Hi Ian......I can recommend Pauls scarlet which in my garden grows on a shaded north facing stone wall and has no sun at all. With the rain we've had it's been smothered in flowers. Also Golden showers which is a bright yellow is quite happy in shade, it would also brighten the area too.

31 Jul, 2012


I grow Open Arms in a shady spot and it does very well--in fact it blooms prolifically all summer. I also grow Golden Showers ona north wall and it has been good for many years.

31 Jul, 2012


Rosa Z├ęphirine Drouhin

It has a good reputation for thriving on a north wall. Subject to a bit of mildew now and then, but a beautiful scent.
I had one at the last house against the house (north side), it did wonderfully well. Then, a fault with the electric supply led to the SEB (Electric Board) digging around to find the problem with the wiring; it died back. Sadly missed it is too.
Which leads me to look at the front corner and wonder... mm, might well be room...

1 Aug, 2012


Thanks for all the replies regarding roses for a shady spot I will check these out on the website to see what they look like...thanks again, Ian

1 Aug, 2012


Thanks Janey, I've decided to go with Pauls Scarlet, just bought it and planted it, thanks again, Ian

1 Aug, 2012


Great Ian.....I think you'll be really pleased with it...did you see it in my pics?

1 Aug, 2012


No I did'nt see a picture of the rose you have but I have seen some pictures of pauls scarlet on some of the the internet websites....However, if I could of seen the pictures of the rose you have then I would have an idea what it looks like once established - thanks again, Ian

2 Aug, 2012

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