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Hi All
Yet another question I'm afraid
I get these scorch marks on my lawn, which I believe is where my dogs pee. I've bought this patching product, but a) it's brown in colour and looks like a small cow pat
b) takes forever to regrow
I don't remember seeing them before, but the I never used to mow my own lawn before I retired (big lawn )
Am I possibly cutting it too short ?



Perhaps you have more time to notice now, as well as cutting it yourself! Dog's pee (particularly bitches') does scorch grass. I'm not sure whether growing it any longer would make a difference.

31 Jul, 2012


I doubt the cutting height would make any difference.

There are several possible options

1. Stop your dog peeing on your lawn

2. allow it to pee but stand next to it with a watering can and flood where it has peed with water to dilute it. This may help quite a bit but is by no means a guaranteed solution.

3. Create an area of bark in a corner of the garden where the dog can pee. This will only work if you keep the dog on a lead and take it to the peeing area!

To fix existing brown patches . .. Dig up the brown patches to a depth of 4-5 inches.Flood the hole with water to try to flush out/dilute existing urine . Add fresh soil and reseed . Seed should germinate in 9-10 days. Unfortunately you'll be doing this repeatedly unless you also use one of methods 1-3

31 Jul, 2012


If you can't control your dog which I know can be quite difficult try this to repair the patches;

I would guess the areas in question are around 6"-8" square so at the bottom end of the lawn ( or a convenient part) cut a strip of turf about 9" wide and cut these into 9" pieces.

Then cut around the damaged spot and remove around 9"x9" square of damaged turf and fill the resulting hole with a piece from the strip you cut.

At the end of the season you can prepare the strip you cut with added soil/ compost and sow some lawn seed on it.

This method will keep you in patching material until you get your dog trained.

31 Jul, 2012


What are dog rocks Snoopdog? I haven't got a dog but would be interested to know.

1 Aug, 2012


You put Dog Rocks in their drinking water to lower nitrogen levels in urine :o) but beware.... messing with the PH. It can open your dog up to crystals and kidney problems so I read :o(

1 Aug, 2012


Oh I see!

1 Aug, 2012


I have been using Dog Rocks for about a year and they are 100% natural, the rocks don’t change the pH balance of the dog’s urine so they are perfectly safe to use. After a few months of using Dog Rocks my lawn looked significantly better and now burn patches aren’t an issue. You can order them direct online: or they are available at loads of garden centres.

7 Aug, 2012


I only quoted what I read about them on the internet about Dog Rocks.

8 Aug, 2012


Once again ,many thanks for your kind help.

8 Aug, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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