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South Glamorgan, United Kingdom Gb

Please can anyone help me. This year I grew the same potatoes that I grow every year, (Rocket) having lifted them about two weeks ago, and storing them the same way that I have for many years(in a sack in an airy shed) I now find that they are starting to rot. Other years I have still been using them until about November. They were dry when I baged them up, Can anyone please help.



Did you have Blight on the foliage. We did and ours were going the same way. We peeled, sliced, blanched and froze them so at least we will have some to add to dishes.

31 Jul, 2012


I have just lifted all mine as they were beginning to show signs of blight. I think I will do the blanch and freeze routine like Owdboggy in the hope of saving them. It seems to be a bad year generally for most crops. My tomatoes are not producing the usual quantity and the runner beans have few flowers. Nearly everyone round here seems to be dissatisfied with the veg this year.

31 Jul, 2012


trying to grow carrots with silver sand' is this the cheaper way or must u use horty sand

31 Jul, 2012


Early potatoes are not suited to storing!

The best way of effectively storing them is to leave them in the ground and lift them as you need them.

Like others I just grow enough earlies to keep me going until the second earlies are ready!

31 Jul, 2012


Agree with Teegee lift early potatoes as you need to use them and do not expect them to store. We lift a root at a time and use within 3 days of lifting.

31 Jul, 2012


Sorry but we lift our Earlies, Lady Crystl, and they store well until Christmas. We normally store them in jute sacks in a cold dark shed. This is the first year we have had trouble with them going bad. The rot is very indicative of Blight, far more than any storage problems.

1 Aug, 2012

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