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I have a small garden with a long narrow decked area a the bottom, this area has fencing round it, i want to grow something up the fence but the deck is raised so whatever i grow will need to be in a pot. As the deck is narrow i will need to get long narrow plant pots or a few small narrow pots. Can anyone suggest a climber or something with height that would tolerate being in a smallish pot. The area gets a fair amount of sun until the evening



Why not buy some decking timber and make a narrowish raised bed on your deck.

With a raised bed your choices of plants increase by virtue you have space for a largish root run!

Line the raised bed with polythene to hold the moisture in the compost.

If you don't line the ends of the raised bed this will allow excess water to drain off.

Alternatively by long PVC troughs

31 Jul, 2012


Setting aside the climber idea. A good upright plant for a pot. Growing 2-3 feet in a short season from a small nursery 'whip' would be fuchsia Waltz Jubelteen. They are very stiff narrow and upright with upward pointing flowers. If you raise them on an upturned pot under them they are even taller too. Perhaps a decorative covering over the fence or one of those nice colour finishes for fencing and fix a few pots to the fence maybe with lobelia flowing down. Take a look at Google images to see what I'm talking about.

1 Aug, 2012

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