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I live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and I have just purchased a Magnolia Stellata. Elevation 8500ft. What would be the best way to start this plant? In doors or out?



depending on how big it is already you should be able to plant straight out, just be sure not to put in windy locations or frost pockets. very hardy trees!

1 Aug, 2012


Mine in England is sheltered from the worst of the winds and has survived for about 15years with the lowest temps of around -15centigrate and the high 20's c in the summer, occasionally late frost turns some flowers brown

Don't know how this compares to your growing conditions

1 Aug, 2012


I would say outside, and, as others have said, in a sheltered spot out of the worst of the wind.

1 Aug, 2012


Be careful not to disturb the rootball when planting - magnolias do not like root disturbance

1 Aug, 2012


Thank you so much for all your responses. I really do appreciate the help.

2 Aug, 2012

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