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Should I dig up and get rid of my Burdock now? If I leave it, will the garden be full of Burdock next year? It does look very pretty!




Where is it in that picture?
If it is Burdock then digging it out could be fun, the roots go down for ever. Have to admit we pull it up as soon as we see it, but only because it is so invasive.

2 Aug, 2012


Hope you got my apology, Owdboggy from the prev. question. In the pic it is the first 'tree' you see slightly to the right of the photo. It is so close to a small eating apple tree behind it that I think I would damage that if I tried to get it out. Shall I just cut it down for now, until after the apple harvest?

2 Aug, 2012


Right, I see, yes, if you cut it off at ground level, at least it will prevent it seeding around. And as they are biennials with any luck it will not regrow. The roots are edible by the way...............if you can ever get them out.

2 Aug, 2012


Thanks. I'll have a go at the roots later in the year.

2 Aug, 2012

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