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my conifer type tree hasdeveloped a hole in the side of its trunk just above ground level .it looks yellowish and feels spongy and getting bigger,i thought il may be a fungus as part of the weed membrane had somehow gone up the side of it without me noticing .i have pulled it away so it could get air and dry out but it seems to be getting slowly worse,any ideas about my fungus theory and any treatment i can try if it is



a picture of the hole and the tree and a little vackground info would be cool with your problem if incase thats what it is . sounds odd .

3 Aug, 2012


It may be developing foot and butt rot, but it sounds like a fungal problem of some kind. There is no treatment for bacterial canker/foot and butt root, so keep a close watch - if it gets worse, the tree will become unstable.

3 Aug, 2012


thanks to noseypotter and bamboo im watching it carefully and i think it is a fungus

12 Aug, 2012


your welcome .

13 Aug, 2012

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