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unusual rudbekia with tiny flowers what is it?

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

unusual rudbekia with tiny flowers ........i lost it last winter/spring its a late flowerer reddish brown tiny flower about 1 inch diameter tall skinny stems 3-4 feet high .....bought it at hyde hall show (bad idea) ....must remember to never buy plants from shows especially in late summer (ive lost so many)



Sorry Alistair, on the other site it doesn't say feet high. I will go back in and put a pic on your question, but could it be helenium autumn lollipop.

5 Aug, 2012


i buy so many plants every year that i just forget about stuff ive planted expecting them to just pop up again months later ..i keep thinking that i will find them soon and i will have to inform everyone ive contacted to my embarrassment that ive found them but it was a defiantly a rudbekia and it stood out because it had such tiny flowers on tall stems not like the h. lolipop you suggested but miniature fully formed brownish flowers im sure i kept this big laminated label with the plants name on it somewhere ............oh well!!

5 Aug, 2012

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