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By Nariz

Spain Es

Anyone know what this plant is, please? My Spanish neighbour gave it to me saying it was "Alegria Alta" (tall Busy Lizzie), but although the stem is very Busy Lizzie-like, the flower is more like the shape of a foxglove. Not like any Busy Lizzie I've ever seen. Anyone? ...... anyone? ..........?

Torrelevega_003 Torrelevega_004



Have a look at Rose Balsum - Impatiens balsamina

4 Aug, 2012


Oh no, don't tell me that there is a garden plant related to the invasive Himalayan Balsam which I thought this was, if rather stunted.

4 Aug, 2012


Rose Balsam (Garden Balsam) is an annual, still spreads though as the seeds pop everywhere.

4 Aug, 2012


Oh .... that's what it is! Thanks Drc, I'll watch out for multiple seedlings next year!!! Think I'll keep it in the pot! ;o)

5 Aug, 2012


The seeds are quite fun Nariz as they shoot off if touched when ripe.

5 Aug, 2012


Yes, Drc, I always have fun with the 'ordinary' Busy Lizzie seeds! "Little things ..... etc" ;o)

5 Aug, 2012


My children when young use to love the way they popped.

5 Aug, 2012



6 Aug, 2012

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