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Why is my Datura Metel Ballerina losing all of it's bottom leaves?

Harris county, Texas, United States Us

My plant is about 3 years old. It blooms like crazy but it's lost all of its bottom leaves so now it just looks "stalky".
It gets morning sun and late afternoon shade. I live just North of Houston, TX

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are the leaves a yellow pale colour? if so it could be an infestation of two spotted mite aka Red spider mite. They are tiny little creatures normally visible with a magnifying glass. They feed on the underside of leaves.

They tend to favour hot dry atmospheres e.g greenhouses/conservatories, so if possible, spray it with water and keep air damp, but not to damp or this can cause mildew. There are sprays you can buy. Give it a feed to to give it a boost.

16 Jun, 2009


No signs of mites. And the leaves are not yellow or pale.
They remain green and then just drop off. I'll try to remember to take a photo of it and post it here.

16 Jun, 2009

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