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I have a new Lonicera Mint Crisp was thriving. Was away for a few days when I came back all of the leaves had died off. The plant was watered for me

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Now looking very droopy but not crispy dead just brown and wilted.

On plant Loncera Japonica Mint Crisp



Well it doesn' t sound good. You don't say whether it's in a pot or the ground, but I'd check the rootball to see if its wet or dry if possible.

11 Jun, 2009


I have the Honey Suckle Mint Crisp as well it was a large healthy specimen when I planted it last August and it did well. The harsh winter knocked it back a bit but it survived. It sends out new leaves but they hardly unfurl before they droop, go floppy and then fall off. The leaves do not go brown or curl up they just fall off. Any answers anyone?

13 May, 2012


Is it in a pot or the ground, Tatty?

14 May, 2012

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