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magnolia problems - leaves gone black


By Patann

United Kingdom Gb

I have a mature magnolia Graniflora. This year the leaves have become black and fallen off in places. For the past 5 years of living here it has been lovelyl and had many flowers. What is the problem and how do I deal with it.

On plant Magnolia grandiflora



i have read that applying a copper sulphate in the spring on newly emerging leaves should remedy the problem.

11 Jun, 2009


Thankyou for that suggestion Steve. I will try that next Spring. Its such a shame as there are not so many flowers buds this year. Its such a beautiful flower and I dont want to loose the tree.

12 Jun, 2009


one other thing, is it ok for water too, i have several large specimens at my garden centre which throw off leaves when its dry.

12 Jun, 2009

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