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Maclura pomifera, or Osage Orange. How long to flower? I have a lot of Maclura trees, sown almost ten years ago, and now quite large specimens ten to twelve feet high. So far they have made no sign of ever flowering let alone fruiting, so I wonder if anybody else grows this and how long it is likely to take?



Hi Bertiefox I put this in the search box on here and did not come up with any members who grew it.

10 Aug, 2012


Thanks for trying. I've now done a complete web search and the information I found suggests they should flower 'in about ten years', so maybe I will get the first flowers and fruit next year. Apparently some are male and some female and the males, obviously, don't have the fruit, and may have different flowers.

11 Aug, 2012


Good luck for next year, lets see some photos. I am assuming your Ativar is playing up? as we have had this strange change before. You need to let the boys know?

11 Aug, 2012


Yes, I did post something about my Avatar suddenly changing me into a young baby (second childhood perhaps?). I hope the administrators on the site can cure the problem. Apologies to Iciar that his/her identity has been taken over by the bugs in the software on the site!

12 Aug, 2012


2nd childhood fact or myth?

12 Aug, 2012

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