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When is best time to take seed,how do you plant them

On plant Chilean pine



depends totally on the plant. For instance primulas and sisyrinchium are best sown in the green, before the seeds ripen. I always sow seed when it is ready, when mother nature intended it to be sown. Some seeds can be collected and saved. like Lupins. I don't grow annuals, but these are best saved for the early spring and sown in warmth. if you are saving seeds it is best to collect in dry weather. I have collected wet seed and left on a paper towel to dry out, but then this can be hit and miss. i always scatter a few seeds on the top of a seed tray, very fine seed i cover with fine grit, or a tiny bit of compost. Larger seeds can be covered with a little compost. But then some seeds need to have light to germinate. The best advise i can give is to check out two sites on the net. or

both sites are a wealth of info, but they can be a bit fiddly on finding the info you need, but persevere with them.

6 Aug, 2012


It's a Chilean pine, probably a somewhat different planting method.

6 Aug, 2012


i entered Araucaria araucana propagation on the net and found this link.

7 Aug, 2012

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