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what is my name

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my house plant is small 10 metres high red and deep red and green leaves no flowers what is it called cant send photo

On plant dont know



You think 10 metres is small!


6 Aug, 2012


Are they very thin leaves and a long stem....almost palmlike, if so maybe dracena

6 Aug, 2012


Need more info and clarification - 10 metres it can't be, that's tree sized - 1 metre is 39 inches, 10 centimetres is 4 inches. Shape of leaves would be useful to know. Only thing that springs to mind from current description (ignoring the size) are Coleus and Poinsettia - or Dracaena marginata, mentioned by Pamg

6 Aug, 2012


If it's 10cm, it could be an earth star or cryptanthus

6 Aug, 2012


I think 10 metres is a typo of some kind or Jack and the Beanstalk?

7 Aug, 2012

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