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Mildew on Scabious

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

Hi everyone. All my Scabious have some kind of mildew. Some are in the ground and some in individual pots and were newly planted this year. Are they prone to it and is there anything I can do organically to help them out?



i only grow the wild form and i have not noticed this problem.
are the plants very close to each other? better ventilation and avoid the plants getting too dry. they are more susceptible to fungal infection when they are stressed.
there will be an organic fungicide but it will mean a trip to the gc to look for it.

12 Jun, 2009


In fact they were planted in the same container when I first put them in and i only put them in individual pots when they got bigger. Maybe that's it - they first succumbed whey they were together and it has only become very obvious in the past few weeks. I'm sure they didn't get too dry.
I didn't realise that there are commercial organic fungal treatments so I'll go to gc this weekend and get some. Thankyou Seaburngirl, you've answered both my questions.

12 Jun, 2009

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