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Where can I buy thunbergia-grandiflora seeds/plants


By Goreham

Canada Ca

I live in Canada and I would like to buy seeds/plants of the thunbergia-grandiflora.I have been looking but as of yet have no luck.

On plant Thunbergia grandiflora



you can find a lot of plants like this and many others on ebay and they seem to be pretty cheap also, hope ive helped, i searched on your behalf and theres 2 listed at current though they are a fair distance from you, thailand and malaysai i think it said,goodluck

11 Jun, 2009


For seeds, try Thompson & Morgan or Dobies online - they do plants too, but not sure if they ship to Canada.

12 Jun, 2009


Chiltern Seeds are very good for unusual plant seeds, and send to other countries.

12 Jun, 2009

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