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Securing a window box.

Angus, United Kingdom Gb

Living in a flat, does anyone have any suggestions for how to secure a window box without using permanent fixings?



Are you growing herbs to use or for decoration? If you have a place in full sun then the likes of Rosemary, Sage and Thyme prefer dry soil, so you rarely if ever have to water them in summers like this. You are best to keep Mint in a pot/container as it spreads quickly.

7 Aug, 2012


If you stand the window box in a tray (from the garden centre) it should be deep enough to prevent water spilling onto the street. Then you just have to be careful with the watering can!

7 Aug, 2012


If you have a really sunny windowsill basil does really well in a window box.In my flat dwelling days I grew fantastic basil & made loads of pesto. The one advantage of living on the third floor was that the slugs didn't reach that far!!

7 Aug, 2012


Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated.

7 Aug, 2012

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