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boggy area/ pond plants

wiltshire, United Kingdom Gb

evening all was hoping for some advice on plants suitable fora mini pond and boggy area totalling 1meter square so very small, would like to attract wildlife, insects and hopefully frogs and toads any ideas would be appreciated :o)



some good plants for wildlife in boggy area's are creeping jenny, bugle, cuckoo flower, ragged robin and purple loosestrife.
some trailing or bushy plants at the edge of a pond make good hiding places for frogs etc, like ferns even , or marsh marigolds.

11 Jun, 2009


in addition to usernut's list here are a few of my favs.
yellow flag iris are a native.
candelabra primula eg harlow carr hybrids.
Trollius, globe flower.
king cup/marsh marigold.
iris siberica a good damp places plant.
lobelia cardinalis type.
the list is infact quite long.

12 Jun, 2009


Don't grow carex pendula no matter how tempting the pictures look!!!! I wish I could start again with some of the above suggestions. Also don't buy a big water lily 'cos you can't wait for a nice display of large flowers, me again. Dont fill a small pond with ranuinculus lingua ( big buttercup) yes, I've made loads of mistakes, many more than I've mentioned. I could go on, but I don't remember the names of all my silly buys. I've got so many roots in my small pond that I can't keep fish anymore and I can't get the plants out as it's 3ft deep in the middle and they all seem too large and heavy to try and pull from the bank. Still the frogs love it.....

12 Jun, 2009


Iris pseudoacrous (the native yellow flag iris) is also a thug and not really suitable for a small pond. I would also avoid mimulus luteus (yellow monkey flower) as it is a very prolific seeder.
To the list of suitable plants I would add mysotis scorpioides (water forget-me-not) and geum rivale (water avens).

13 Jun, 2009

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