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By Cazoo1

Worcestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi here I am again,my question this time is regarding an Acer. I have a very long established one growing in a barrel,on the patio. I feel it is now taking over and would like to move it,the only place I could put it would be in full morning sun,going into shade at about do you think it would fair?? It must be 15 years old and I would rather leave it than lose it. Any help would help!



Assuming its a Japanese Acer, doesn't sound like a great spot for it - it'd be fully exposed to hot sun between 11 and 3 in the summer, and that will frazzle the leaves. Dappled sunlight between those hours is fine though, but that probably doesn't help you much, lol

8 Aug, 2012


I know all Acers are different and have some different requirements, but I had an Acer Palmatum in a tub for 5 years when I was in Essex which was transported here in 2006. It remained in its tub for two years, then was planted into the ground near a row of roses. It gets full-on scorching sun, Monsoon-type rain, frost, snow and wind .... and it looks better every year! I feed it with Ericaceous feed and water it when I water the whole garden and apart from that - it's on its own. Am I just lucky?

9 Aug, 2012


Lucky? Sounds next to impossible, Nariz - mine frazzled on the balcony here in midday sun, as do my clients' ones, never mind in Spain. The dissectum varieties are the most rapidly affected.

9 Aug, 2012


I'm going out there now to take a photo and post it on my page - we have temps of 43+ today!

9 Aug, 2012


Thank you all you have confirmed what I thought,move it, but,not into too much of a hot spot. But I have watched the sun move round today and where I would move it to is quite dappled at 11.30,it is the other corner of the garden that bears the brunt of the sun. So I am going to get my strong arm man to do the deed. Thanks Nariz for the photo....yours is certainly enjoying full on heat.

9 Aug, 2012


I had a look at the pic too - you're right, looks totally happy and entirely unconcerned about the heat, Nariz. Weird... briefly 44.5 deg C on my balcony (in the sun) today...

9 Aug, 2012


Got a cool drink, Bloomer? Mine's a Rosado!

9 Aug, 2012


I guess you mean Bamboo (me) because Bloomer's not on this thread, lol! Cup of tea is fine by me, I don't drink, well very little, I do like a Pimms though...

9 Aug, 2012


Sorry Bamboo!! I read and posted while wearing my contact lenses but no reading specs over them, so I was winging it! I MUST make myself understand I shouldn't do that - it's dangerous! Suppose I was signing a cheque and it had too many 0000s after the amount? Doesn't bear thinking about! ;o) Anyhoo ..... hope you had a nice cool Pimms on your balcony.

10 Aug, 2012


As long as that cheque with many 000s on the end is made out to me, I won't be complaining, lol...

10 Aug, 2012


Lol! But I would!

11 Aug, 2012

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