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this is a photo of a beetle which has started inhabiting my T.Bugnet Rose...there appear to be aphids present too...can anyone tell me what this beetle is doing for, or to, my rosebush?


By Lori

Ontario, Canada Ca

It looks like a curculio but I'm no's wing covers are irridescent golden green...and as I said it is present at the same time as a burgeoning aphid infestation... I picked about eight of these off my rose in a very short time...
Can anyone on goY tell me what I've got?




it looks like a weevil and they are usually sap suckers, so i guess it is up to no good.
probably un linked to the aphids.

12 Jun, 2009


wow just been reading about these, nasty little critters. squish them.

x x x

12 Jun, 2009


Yes, looks like a slimmer version of vine weevil...exterminate!!

12 Jun, 2009

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