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what is eating my laurel?
We have planted a new laurel hedge. Earlier in the year it had aphids which we treated and there is no more sooty marks, however now one plant is being eaten alive. There are a few ants scurrying about but no sooty marks. Can you help us by letting us know what is it this time and how do I treat? Thanks for your help!

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It looks like Shot-Hole disease rather than slugs or vine Weevils etc.

9 Aug, 2012


Thanks so much for this Kildermorie, I am off to google this so that I know how to treat it. Thank you!

9 Aug, 2012


I Googled this after thinking about my Laurel. Long established(over 24 years and under strict control) I think it had this fungal disorder one year but, as it says on the site I googled, It is'no big deal'.' Ordinary clipping and pruning will sort it out'. My Laurel gets knocked back every time it gets out of my version of 'cloud prune' with a juniper next to it, which only grows slowly. So get 'shot' of those long fronds with holes in them, while there is still plenty of moisture in the ground to encourage denser growth this season.

10 Aug, 2012


Thanks Dorjac, I came across this info in my search too. Will prune out about half of the diseased growth - we are growing the hedge for privacy after removing an old fence and trees, so I don't want to chop it back too much.

Its a relief to know it isn't too big a deal and won't cause any long term harm! Many thanks both Dorjac and Kildermorie for your help!

11 Aug, 2012

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