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Hi,my willow arch/hedge is covered in blackfly!is this usual for willow? and how can I remove it without chemicals?

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Gloves, warm soapy water (Fairy Liquid) and a sponge and 2 bowls - one with clean water and one to collect all the removed insects. Not the nicest chore!

10 Aug, 2012


Thks. The whole thing is approx 6/8feet high, I might be a while tackling this!!!!ah well. regards.

10 Aug, 2012


I add a drop of cooking oil to the washing up liquid. I find it makes it stick and last a bit longer, as I am afraid this solution does not last long.
As it seems such a big job how about putting it in a sprayer and tackling it that way?

10 Aug, 2012


Hi thks for the additional tip, its a big area, I'll use a spray bottle.I'm a novice type gardener so all the comments are very welcome..regards

10 Aug, 2012


if you have a fairly strong hose adapter you can blast the little critters off every time you water .

11 Aug, 2012

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