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I have some fat green seed pods on my flag iris plants. Is it possible to propagate from these?



Yes. I collected the seed from mine lasy year and about a month ago I put about 50 in a seed tray and left it outside. They've almost all sprouted.

I've collected self sown iris in the past and they make a decent sized plant in a year and usually flower in year two or three

Here are some photos of the sprouted seeds I sowed recently and the iris the seeds were from

12 Aug, 2012


I guess the seeds need to be left to become fully ripe (i.e. not green) before planting?

12 Aug, 2012


Yes. They go a brown colour and then you can sow them

12 Aug, 2012


Thank you - I will give it a go.

12 Aug, 2012


Leave them in the pods until the pods are dry and the seeds should then be ready

12 Aug, 2012


Remember that it will take 2-4 years for the seedlings to bloom.

14 Aug, 2012

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