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I am very happy to announce, after 3 long years of waiting, I have finally got a frog in my pond. Hooray!!!!!

I didn't know this at the weekend, and hacked the yellow flag iris down as it was swamping my tin bath pond. Today Ive seen a frog. I am now worried my new mouth to feed hasn't got much plant life around the pond to stop him/her getting eaten. I know the yellow flag iris will re grow but what do i do in the meantime?



Frogs will find shelter under almost any form of cover and I'd suggest you put down a lot of very large irregular stones around the pond if you can get them. You might also try some old pottery flower pots on their sides. I'm amazed you have had to wait as long as three years as usually frogs make an appearance within a couple of weeks of the water going in the pond!
For future irises, why not grow the much smaller blue/purple water irises which are not as invasive and are much prettier too, flowering later in the season. You could also try the Typha minor? the very much smaller version of bullrushes.

14 Aug, 2012


Thats so exciting. They do need shelter around the pond etc to hide in as they come and go, once in the water they are usually OK.
My pond has plenty of ground cover on 3 sides for them to jump from/into.
If your surround has no coverage for them how about grouping some pots with drooping foliage for them to hide among. Or even some large stones they can get in among.

14 Aug, 2012


Snap Bertie.

14 Aug, 2012



14 Aug, 2012


you have other plants in your garden dont you? I find frogs all over the garden. not always in the pond. last week they were hiding underthe hostas more than 20ft away from the pond.

so do not worry Great.

14 Aug, 2012


Really pleased for you. Hopefully taddies next year??

14 Aug, 2012


Thanks guys. Yes SBG you know I have lots of plants in my garden!! I think you gave me the yellow flag iris, Poppy Mikes elephant ears plant is doing well and Milky's grasses that she sent me a couple of years ago to. In fact to all the people who sent me plants Froggy and I are most welcome. I hope froggy stays as Ive had record numbers of slugs and snails this year. I went pond dipping and have large water snails and pond skaters all life is thriving. I am so happy

15 Aug, 2012


I don't have a pond nor any water near (and it's France so not much rain most of the Summer) but I DO have loads of tiny frogs, brown, thumbnail-size (have to be careful when digging), and occasionally a toad or two - neighbour perhaps an acre away has a lake... Could they be travelling that far? If so, why? and can I encourage them?

16 Aug, 2012

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