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Black Lilyturf care tips please


By Mookins

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

this is the only details I have not sure of the variety other than what ive written, was a present
please advise on the best location and conditions for this

x x x

On plant Ophiopogon



Tolerant of most conditions, spreads sideways through the soil, keep it watered after you've planted it. You can put it in the garden or in a pot, sun, some shade.

13 Jun, 2009


Can be rather invasive if it likes the situation.

13 Jun, 2009


I have several of these in my garden, i dont find them at all fact i wish they would hurry up and bulk up...they are lovely....:>)

13 Jun, 2009


It really is a super plant. Looks equally good all year round. Seems very much in vogue with gardeners at the moment, and deservedly. Mine propogates quite well from side pieces taken off.

14 Jun, 2009

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