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African violet
I have on that's at least eight years old and it flowers more or less non-stop. However over the years it has developed a longish stem so now its rather like a miniature standard several inches high, which can't support the heavy top. Any ideas please?



I'm finding it hard to imagine what it looks like - are you saying its developed a tallish main stem with all the growth coming off that? What about doing leaf cuttings and starting a few more, then just cutting back the one you've got if its gone all floppy. Is it a trailing type anyway?

17 Aug, 2012


It has a thick stem over an inch long and the whole rosette grows from the top. I think they must do this in the wild but I've never seen it before. The trouble is that it all leans over at an angle. Not sure about cutting it back as I would be left with a bare stem which may or may not sprout. I do have another offspring several years old now which is also a brilliant flowerer but the first one was a gift and I would like to keep it if possible. It isn't a trailing type - didn't know there were any!

17 Aug, 2012


Hmm, difficult then - I wouldn't risk hacking it back unless I'd raised babies from it first.

17 Aug, 2012


That's how I feel. Worth asking though!

17 Aug, 2012

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