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How far down can i cut a Magnolia tree,it's about 7ft tall and 3ft of that is just branch(from the ground).The top part(leaves and flowers)is about a foot and a half from the window cutting out some of the light.Sorry, don't know what variety,It's just a bog standard white and pink flowers.



Afraid this was planted much too near the house - they do make big trees eventually and yours is still a baby. The problem is not going to go away - cutting the tree back will prevent flowering. Also bear in mind that the roots will be going under your foundations before long as they normally have a similar spread to the branches. And any tree planted near a house will cut out a lot of light!

I really think your best move would be to remove it while it is still a manageable size and replant one much further from the house. if there is no room you could consider a Magnolia Stellata which stays reasonably small.

17 Aug, 2012


Thank you steragram.

17 Aug, 2012

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