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I have a Sycamore tree about 7 metres tall growing in a neighbours garden inches from my fence. No damage has been done yet but I have been told this tree can cause major problems. I do not know who owns that property as it is thought to be rented plus they are not friendly. Do I wait until damage is caused or speak to my solicitor now



If it is rented then trace the landlord and have a quite word to him/her just pointing out that unless you live in Blenheim Palace they are not garden trees.

18 Aug, 2012


I'm making this suggestion to see if anyone has any experience.

I wonder if your insurance company might be willing to take this on to save themselves a higher payout later.

18 Aug, 2012


Dont go near a solicitor unless you really have to the bills once started will rocket, as well as strong feelings.

Firstly you need to do your homework on this and answer these questions! Is my property at risk? How near it is to your building, are there any drains at risk, how deep your foundations are, do I need an expert to assess the situation/risks for me, and who is liable for any damage, Unlikely to be a preservation order on it but do check.

Try CAB and your local council along with your insurance company who may be able to advice you as to how to proceed.
The local estate agent may be the letting agent and would have to pass on a letter to the owners from you. Try to sort this through discussion/arbitration, because in court you may be expected to show that you have tried to sort this amicably, perhaps through an intermediary?
From what you say I suspect you dont like your neighbours even so! dont let this blow up into animosity or you may well find its a lot of aggro and costs both sides a fortune once legal teams are involved. Not that the tenant will have to pay it will be the landlord, who may well have better cover than you!

18 Aug, 2012


Totally illegal but, I'd just cut the tree down!

18 Aug, 2012


You need to go through the right channels with this situation although it is a tricky one. that tree needs removing and now before it reaches dizzy heights. We have just recovered from subsidence to our house caused by a massive cherry tree in the street. We went through our it took about four years in all and we had to pay an excess of £1000. Most landlords couldnt care a fig about their properties until they are forced to get things sorted out, it is, with them, all about making money, sadly.

19 Aug, 2012

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