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Tomato blight outdoor tomatoes have blight. I have removed affected parts(leaving some with no leaves) increased air flow and fed them. Anything else I can do? Do I need to sterilise soil before I plant anything else?



Don't plant any of the solanum family in that soil for 4 years. Difficult to sterilise ground soil, if in pots/containers bin, not recycle, the soil.

18 Aug, 2012


I've replied to this question many times.

Here is a good link that will answer your questions.

As an air borne disease you don't have to do anything to your soil as the spores do not survive in soil alone. You can grow tomatoes, potatoes in the same soil year after year should you wish and won't get blight from the soil. People who use crop rotation to control blight must ensure that every single tuber from the previous plot is removed, otherwise it's a waste of time as it is those tubers that spread the disease.

19 Aug, 2012


Thank you both

19 Aug, 2012

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